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Event Details:
July 25-26, 2007
Turner Broadcasting
Techwood Campus
1050 Techwood Drive NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30318


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US-Israel New Media Business Exchange Testimonials

The New Media Business Exchange was a hit in my book.  The spirit of genuine, positive conversation was alive and actually stirred a sense of inquiry in me that I haven't fully felt since graduate school.  Thank you for enabling that.  I have a few takeaways with companies that are logical matches for me and my work, so the tactical stuff is there.

Grant Cerny
Director of Products
AOL Music Network, Moviefone, AOLTV

I appreciate the opportunity to speak and participate at the event yesterday and today, and hope that the emerging companies saw a lot of value as well.  The event was wonderfully organized and orchestrated and I was proud to be a part of it.

Jake Winnett
M&E Global Industry Manager - Film / TV / Broadcast

Thank you for such a great conference. I got a lot out of it.
You did a superb job and I would like to be involved in future events.

Les Ottolenghi
INTENT MediaWorks, Inc.

The New Media Exchange was a unique opportunity for us to meet with a number of excellent companies in the new media arena.  The fact that these companies were all pre-qualified to attend meant that most were extremely relevant to our business.

David Rudolph
SVP, Strategy and New Products
Turner Broadcasting Systems

In than two days, we met 17 companies, every one worth a trip alone.  We met with AOL, Erickson, Turner Broadcasting, the Weather channel and many others.  A key point was that we met the right people.  They received information on Dyuna in advance and came prepared for our meetings.  We left Atlanta with a number of strong open leads.

Uri Admon
Co-founder and CEO

This event gave us the opportunity to meet relevant companies and potential investors.  Plus, we met a number of Israeli companies at different stages of development.  The event was very well organized and it opened a number of doors for us at major companies.

Sivan Tafla
VP Content and Advertising

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this event as a facilitator.  I believe the company I facilitated was able to establish contact with a number of key individuals within the Turner/Time Warner family.  I also particularly liked the VC panel.  Overall, a great event and fantastic host(s). 

Robyn E. Fritz
Account Executive
Thomas Rutherfoord, Inc.

The VC discussion yesterday alone was worth the price of admission.  Broadly speaking, I believe the structure of the event was excellent, and I believe that the the 20 minute speed dating format appealed both to the Israeli companies as well as the potential American investors, partners and customers they sought to speak with.

Itai Tsur
Schulton, Ward & Turner

The entire program was the very best that I have attended and Turner was a great host company. Very positive experience for all participants from both sides of the Atlantic.

Marvin Schulwolf
Director of Business Development
The Survis Group

I just wanted to thank you all for inviting us to the business exchange. I had a fantastic time, learned a lot and made good connections with both companies and VCs. My facilitator, Jon, did a great job arranging the meetings and I am sure I will be working with him in the future.

Shuki Lehavi

It was a very good event and a great way to be introduced to a number of very innovative companies within a very short period of time.  All the company presentations were concise and to the point and most of all, I appreciated their ability to stay well within their time limits and still communicate all of the key points.

Rodney Mayers
AVP, Interactive Media
Cox Enterprises

From an organizational standpoint and quality of companies.  The venue worked great, your coordination and one-on-ones went very smooth.  Great job.

Erik P. Sebusch
UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund

It’s impossible to overstate the impact this has had and will have on our company – the event was tremendous and exceeded my very high expectations.  It was particularly gratifying to see so many of our respected Time Warner colleagues so engaged in the event – and their comments and high praise afterwards speaks volume about the value that was created over the last two days.  Thanks again for being such a great partner through the effort.

Greg Foster
VP Corporate Development
Turner Broadcasting Systems

As always the event was a large success and I am glad Tescom could be a part of it.

Arthur Povlot
National Account Manager
Tescom Software Systems Testing

Please accept my Kudus on the New Media event!  It’s still early to say what would be the actual business results of this event, but I certainly have some promising leads, and valuable feedback. It would have taken me a year, and god knows how many trips to reach the same results. The Turner/Time Warner guys were very relevant; definitely more than just a contact to pass a presentation around the organization. The event was very well organized and orchestrated. It’s not east to get such a large group to meet a tight schedule, but the serious attitude by the companies and your clear guidance made the difference. The facilitators were great support too…I really have only positive feedback on the entire event.

Guy de Beer

I thought the one-on-one discussions were very productive, and feel that some productive follow-ups may come out of those meetings.  Overall, it was an impressive group of companies that participated.

Harold Goings
Director, Business Development
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

The business exchange was an excellent way for relatively new companies to present an accurate picture of what goods and services they are offering.  It also offers an opportunity for US companies to better understand the possibilities of using these products, in their own businesses.  I was impressed with the intensity and enthusiasm displayed by the presenting companies, and am very pleased to have been a part of the exchange. 

Ron Tarasoff
VP Broadcast Technology & Engineering
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Thanks again for giving us a chance to participate in such a great event.

Ariel Yarnitsky

The New Media Exchange was one of the more energetic pitch events that I have recently been to with a good pace, plenty of breaks, and hordes of interested potential strategic investors.  AOL, Cox, Microsoft, and Turner all had an obvious presence.  Turner certainly deserves the props I gave them previously, and the real driver behind this event is the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce.  Like Turner, I commend them on their ongoing efforts and am looking forward to being part of future events.

Lance Weatherby
Venture Catalyst

I know we have come a long way and I enjoy giving what I can back to the community by my time at these events. Doing an outstanding job with the Chamber as always.  I think we have fine tuned these events as much as possible.

Bill Abroms

Although it was a very short and dense event, I have enjoyed our brief communications and remain hopeful that the early leads we saw will further develop to some real business opportunities.

Miki Granski
VBOX Communications

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