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Event Details:
July 25-26, 2007
Turner Broadcasting
Techwood Campus
1050 Techwood Drive NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Participating Companies

Established North American Companies
The Following Companies have confirmed their attendance:

Turner Broadcasting Microsoft
Time Warner, Inc. Microsoft TV
AOL Arris
Warner Brothers Veritas Ventures
HBO Comcast Interactive Capital
New Line Cinema Aurora Funds
Time, Inc. IDG Ventures
Time Warner Investments Intent MediaWorks
Warner Brothers Television AT&T
Turner Studios Vyyo
Time Warner Cable Cabelmas
Cartoon Network Delta Air Lines
Cox Enterprises, Inc. Ericsson
The Weather Channel Greenberg Traurig
Silicon Valley Bank Comcast Spotlight
Carter Baldwin Earthlink
Intel Capital Castile Ventures
Noro-Moseley Partners ATDC
UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund H.I.G. Ventures
Subex Azure Axcess Online
Spence Partners Swarmcast
Pulvermedia Inc.

Emerging Technology Companies

The following campanies will attend the event. They were accepted based on the areas of technology identified by Turner Broadcasting. Click Here to view the list of Areas of Technology.

5min is a place to find short video solutions for practical questions and a place for people to share their knowledge. The idea behind 5min is very simple: any solution can be visually explained in no more than 5 minutes. 5min's goal is to create the first communal "Life Videopedia" allowing users from all over the globe to contribute their knowledge by sharing visual guides in areas such as arts, business, fashion, sports, health, tech, food, and much more.

Arootz is developing unique technology to deliver, store and manage personalized, high quality, video content on millions of personal storage devices over existing broadband network infrastructures. Arootz's managed platform enables network and content providers to offer their customers private label, broadband TV services that drive broadband revenue and brand awareness in a TV quality, personalized and network friendly solution.

Asankya has the leading technology for transporting all real-time content over the Internet. Asankya systems optimize all IP traffic, but they uniquely enable the mass scaling of delay sensitive applications like broadcast quality live streaming, DVD quality movies on demand, and interactive applications including VoIP, video conferencing and games. Asankya sells their solution as an Internet- based network called HyperMesh, as products called GigaNode and SoftNode, and as licensable software for embedded devices. Asankya offers the HyperMesh network service to owners and distributors of online content; the GigaNode and SoftNode products to private enterprise networks, and the embedded software to manufacturers of network systems, set top boxes, and mobile devices. Asankya is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and utilizes award-winning technology developed at Georgia Tech.

blogTV enables anybody with a web cam or a 3G phone to create their own LIVE TV show and broadcast it over the internet and mobile. BlogTV has won several awards in the User Generated Content arena.

Digitalsmiths Corporation is the digital video asset management technology company behind DS-Videosense™, the first broadband video ad-matching system to integrate seamlessly with existing online ad networks

Dyuna focuses on providing access to a virtually endless catalog of digital content and offers a new distribution channel for content owners.
Dyuna is networking content owners, mobile operators and an ever growing community of consumers-subscribers. Dyuna allows the participants to exchange and cross-sell digital content while using D2C tools and managing owner rights, according to personalized business rules, thus, introducing the long tail to the mobile arena.

Exent Technologies
Exent's digital distribution solutions supports both 2' and 10' environment and all standard business models - ad-based, purchase, subscription, rental, and try-before-you-buy- utilizing its leading streaming and DRM platform. Exent's In-Game advertising technology allows for the establishment of cable-TV-like release windows for video games and creates new opportunities out of the install base of video games, with no need for SDK integration. Exent's technologies enable additional platforms, such as media center PCs, set-top-boxes, 3D TVs and other consumer electronics devices to provide mass-market video games experience.

Gumiyo.com connects buyers and sellers by extending the traditional online marketplace to mobile phones. Always on and always connected, Gumiyo provides a marketplace that links buyers and sellers in real-time who connect, communicate, and complete the deal. From their mobile phone or email, sellers are able to freely, easily, and efficiently post ads to the Gumiyo Web site. Gumiyo will broadcast those ads to major search engines and classified aggregators, and receive inquiries from qualified buyers faster than traditional classified web sites or offline channels.

Hingi is a pioneer provider of mobile impulse commerce solutions and services for any broadcast-related content, including user-generated content. It connects the mobile and broadcast worlds in real-time, allowing for a simple and user-friendly impulse purchasing process.

i-Mature has developed an innovative age verification system online, first of its kind, for controlling access to media, content and Web sites. The system prevents children from accessing harmful content, inappropriate media on live and recorded TV, Video, electronic gaming and from other harmful materials. The system prevents also adult predators from contacting children and enables the establishment of a ‘predator free’ Social Networks, Instant Messaging, Chat rooms and other P2P contacts.

MuseStorm has created a Content Syndication Platform that enables publishers and content owners to distribute their content to blogs, websites, social networks, desktops, Instant Messengers, mobile phones and more. The service is an end-to-end solution that can deliver rich media (video, audio and photos) as well as textual content while tracking the distribution, maintaining the publisher's brand and monetizing distributed content.

Oversi is an expert in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) caching and delivery solutions. Oversi's P2P caching solutions enable service providers to deliver more bandwidth on their existing infrastructures, optimize network performance, and defer expensive upgrades. The same Oversi platform provides a critical building block for supporting the emerging services of P2P VOD (Video on Demand) and P2P TV, ensuring an improved customer's experience. Oversi is an international company with offices and representatives in EMEA, the US, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Pando Networks' mission is solving the problem of large portable media distribution that has plagued companies and annoyed consumers for years. Pando offers consumers a free personal media sharing application with unparalleled ease of use, and content owners will soon be able to use Pando’s patent-pending hybrid P2P platform to reach consumers and monetize their portable media in exciting new ways.

Playcast enables a new and exciting media experience which integrates the interactivity of virtual worlds, the graphical quality of high end computer games and the story telling capabilities of
the television. All seamlessly integrated, and streamed over the existing networks and set top boxes.

PLYmedia enables media companies, broadcasters, video publishers and end-users individuals to enhance on-line video by creating and viewing enhanced layers of information and content on video which is then synchronized to the video. PLYmedia’s automatic and semi-automatic tools and services provide a significant enhancement of video on the net, by allowing video publishers, media companies and broadcasters to more effectively monetize their content.

RADVISION (NASDAQ: RVSN) is the industry’s leading provider of products and technologies for unified visual communications over IP, 3G and emerging next generation IMS networks - enabling high definition video - conferencing, converged video telephony services, and scalable desktop–based visual communications. RADVISION’s delivers converged interactive video communications solutions for 3G mobile networks and IMS with a unique product portfolio powered by the company’s core video knowledge and experience coupled with its commitment and contribution to the industry’s communication protocols and standards development.

Scopus Video Networks
As a leading product and technology provider for real-time compression, multiplexing, trans-rating, splicing, and edge decoding, Scopus is at the center of digital simulcast architecture addressing advanced video application. Moreover, Scopus existing splicing technology is a key technology for today's targeted advertising insertion, and our R&D is addressing future personalized video and Ad  over Cable, IPTV and Web TV.

SimplyGen has developed a first of a kind real time user interaction technology.
Using our technology , websites can, for the first time,  offer their visitors real time AJAX based interaction with content from a remote server (outside of their domain) The technology's first implementation is in an innovative advertising platform and search assistant. PredictAd creates dynamic advertising spaces, that do not require dedicated ad space, re-design, or additional programming.

SpeedBit develops product and services to enhance end user’s online experience. SpeedBit product and services are contributing to the optimizing of content delivery across the web as well as extending the edge of the network to its true end (from servers to end users’ machines). SpeedBit’s flagship application is Download Accelerator Plus (DAP), a download manager. SpeedBit Video Accelerator for YouTube is another groundbreaking product of the company which makes users videos stream faster and play smoother by reducing buffering problems and video interruptions or "hiccups".

VBox Communications
VBOX Communications provides innovative and cost-effective broadcast solutions for the home entertainment and enterprise markets. Its vision is to extend the reach of Broadcast TV (including Satellite and Cable Broadcasters) to cover additional IP platforms at the consumer premises, such as PCs, handheld devices, etc. The company has developed an improved PC-TV and generic Broadcast-to-IP bridge which conforms to standard Conditional Access/DRM technologies.



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